And when

these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

The Calling

So we asked ourselves, “Why are so many young people turning away from God, and why doesn’t anyone take the Bible seriously anymore?” And, why is the world in such bad shape and losing any sense of hope?”

This world is in trouble.

The reality is…the end is near and every Christian knows it.

This isn’t about making a film or even raising funds for a ministry. This is about yelling from the rooftops that the world is rapidly coming to a close and the need to accept Christ before that happens.

There’s a big problem in Christianity today. People simply don’t trust the Bible. And the main reason they don’t trust the bible is the concept of Noah’s Flood. The second biggest reason is the idea that God created the world in six days

From birth, children are taught that Noah’s Flood is a fairytale and that it’s cartoonishly ridiculous that one man and his family could take every animal on the planet, on a boat, and save them from a massive global flood. It’s simply beyond belief to them and makes no sense when compared to the “provable science”.

To them, the Bible is a joke.

This project has been our life and ministry.

We’ve been working on this for ten years, and it’s time…past time, to get the word out. That word is that you can trust the Bible as a historical document, that you can trust that Noah’s Flood actually happened and that you can trust that God created the world in six days.

Creationist Ian Juby has traveled from one end of Canada to the other, documenting the evidence of a global flood that changed the planet. The physical evidence that shows the earth was changed not over millions of years, but that it was changed in only 150 days.

Stephen Orsatti has filmed reenactments of Jesus and John, Charles Lyell and Charles Darwin, and how we got to where we are in the belief of evolution. He’s created stunning special effects of the coming of the flood and visual explanations of the evidence of a worldwide flood.

People today expect a certain production quality in a film, and sadly that’s often lacking in Christian films. And, any film that expects to have any chance among the general public must achieve an even higher standard.

We need your help.

But, there’s much more to be done to complete the film. There are three very important aspects of any project. Those are “Good” – “Fast” – “Cheap”. But we only get to pick two.

Obviously, as we’ve said,  “Good” is non-negotiable since the public won’t accept anything less.

Which leaves “Fast” or “Cheap” as our second choice. For ten years we’ve been in the slow lane, having chosen “Cheap”. We need your help now because we are seeing the end approaching faster and faster, and this message needs to get out.

Our goal isn’t huge, but it is important.

Our goal is to raise at least 100k and to release this film to the public by the end of the year. The more money we raise, the faster this will happen. The post-production is completed at the speed of money. And, the additional funds allow for the hiring of freelancers to make things happen faster.

This is up to us. We are the Church.

The people who need to hear Christ the most, are the people who literally are some of the most closed people on the planet. They’ve been there, done that. They know all they need to know from “science” and won’t even listen to anything “Christian”. But, the evidence of the Noah Flood speaks for itself. While belief in Christ is completely about faith, the roadblocks are real…but fortunately so is the evidence.

Science, creation itself, reveals the reality of God.

How to donate.

Donating is easy. Just click the Donate Now button to donate as much as you like. And, as much as God is calling you to. You can and will make a difference.

The time is short.

The goal is to release the film at year’s end. That’s why we need the funds now. We have no idea how long the Lord’s patience will be, and none of us should be asleep when the end does come.

Thank you.

Your donation does make a difference. Every single penny makes a difference. This is our chance to actually do something and not simply just watch as the world crumbles around us.

You will have an impact.

Thank you so much! God bless you and your effort. And, please remember us and this project in your prayers! This cannot happen without you.


So you also, when you see all these things, know that it is near—at the doors!

Matthew 24:33


The Synopsis

The NOAH Flood is an ambitious 90-minute documentary film targeted for theatrical distribution, taking a fresh look at the story of Noah’s Flood. The film takes a hard look back at the people who were involved in the creation of today’s ubiquitous teaching of evolution. Focusing in on the major founders of this teaching and on the unmistakable geologic evidence left by the Flood of Noah, this story sheds new light on the theory of evolution, the history of which has become forgotten. Yet this theory is seemingly irrefutable for many of today’s youth. By revisiting these powerful stories through a modern lens, this film provides an unprecedented opportunity to empower, engage and enlighten a new generation.

Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images
Charles Robert Darwin. Photograph by the London Stereoscopic & Photographic Company.

The Story

How did we get here?

For many people, especially young people, the Flood of Noah has become nothing more than a childhood fairytale, with no real connection to reality. And, yet the theory of evolution has become a FACT in those same impressionable minds. This documentary reaches out to those young minds with a rare glimpse of history, and an even rarer glimpse at the evidence and science of the Flood and the Ark that survived it.

How did a society so radically change from a solid belief in God and His Creation to an even more solid denouncement of it? Where is the evidence of the Flood? What lessons can we learn from this takeover of hearts and minds? What scars are left behind after all these years?

This part of the Creation story has never been told: how disbelief of the Flood transformed belief in God, not just science. In effect, the geologic evidence and truth of a planned deception by the scientists themselves become a living link to the past. The fathers of evolution make the truth come alive, especially to young people, in a way that just telling them to believe the bible, can’t. The focus is on the founders of the theory of evolution, and also on their misguided science and deception, which left radical scars on our planet, and on the church. We also profile the science of the Ark itself, the “problems” of construction and stability of the ship, and also feeding and waste removal of the animals. We show the real meaning of Gopher Wood and its composition. The documentary reveals the technology that was available at the time of the Ark’s construction, and how easy it was for even a small crew to build and maintain it.


The Team

Ian Juby – Writer/Producer/Host

Ian Juby is a dynamic Creation Scientist, trained electrical engineer and roboticist, internet personality, and host of the nationally televised science program Genesis Week. He is a talented performer with a personal and deep connection to creation science. His narrative will weave through the program, slowly revealing his own story and providing insights into the other interviews. His passion for Creation Science is only equaled by his desire to share this knowledge with the masses.

Stephen Orsatti – Director/Producer/Special Effects Supervisor

Stephen Orsatti is an innovative filmmaker, animator, designer, and patented inventor. He is the Founder of RezMultimedia, a faith-based film studio dedicated to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is an ordained minister with undergraduate study in Christian Education and graduate work in the Pastorate. Stephen’s unique calling combines creative talent with a heart burdened for spreading the Gospel. Stephen was an executive producer of the award-winning film “The Healthcare Cure.”

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